Administration Office – 6311 Main Street, Oliver BC, V0H 1T0

99th Cluster Apartments – 6145 Kootenay Street, Oliver BC, V0H 1T0

Beaver Lodge Apartments – 6130 Okanagan Street, Oliver BC, V0H 1T0

Services Day program And Bikeshop Self Help Program

Residential Program…

SOAICL provides 24 hour care to a number of persons we serve who are unable to live on their own.  Workers in our group homes assist with errands, meals and other daily activities.  All of our group homes are held to high standards of safety and care.

SOAICL currently operates a total of two group homes in the community of Oliver.

SOAICL Provides housing for independent living clients at three more locations.

group home locations

Park Drive
6499 Park Drive,
Oliver BC, V0H 1T4

Main Street
5760 Main Street,
Oliver BC, V0H 1T9

housing for independent living locations

99th Street Cluster Apartments
35025 99th St,
Box 1001
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

New Beaver Lodge

Corner of 350th Ave
& 101st St.
Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Osoyoos Society Building
8905 97th St.
Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2

Oliver and Osoyoos Community Access

An average of twelve people a day participate in the SOAICL day program held at the Fairview School located at 6134 Spartan Street, Oliver BC. The participants cook, exercise, swim, bowl,  and socialize among many other activities.  Our support style reflects the belief that all people regardless of ability have gifts, strengths and contributions to make to our community. The contact number for the Oliver Day Program is 498-3484.

Day program also runs in Osoyoos with an office located at 8905 Main Street.  This office also serves as a resource centre for the community.  The contact number for the Osoyoos Day Program is 495-6612.

Other Services

Double O Bikes

Double “O” Bikes was created as a for-profit enterprise of the Southern Okanagan Association for Integrated Community Living to generate revenue to help support the Society’ Mission.

The Society’s Mission is “The Membership, Board of Directors, Staff, and Associates of the Society shall enhance, empower, and support both collectively and individually, every person with special needs to achieve his or her potential and to access and enjoy the same opportunities, rights, responsibilities, and quality of life as an equal member in our community”.

As traditional fundraising efforts became more and more competitive with less and less available dollars to go around the Board and Staff at SOAICL recognized that they had to be far more progressive in how they approached the issue of generating much needed revenue.

Although there are always some exceptions governments try and provide for a basic level of support for children and adults with special needs. Often for many non-profits in the community living sector the generation of additional revenue goes to providing many of those ingredients that contribute to a quality of life whether that be safe affordable housing, recreation, developing opportunities to meet new friends, etc.

Double “O” Bikes is what is often referred to as a Social Enterprise. A Social Enterprise is a business whose profits go to support a charityable function rather then an individual or shareholder. More traditional Social Enterrprises include Thrift Stores and Flea Markets.

What has made businesses like Double “O” Bikes somewhat different is that it is a Social Enterprise that competes head to head in the retail market place. This is a trend that we will see more and more of, and that only started showing itself in the last five or six years. At Double “O” Bikes we do this without any government support or outside subsidies.


The Community Living Auxiliary was established many years ago as a stand alone organization dedicated to providing support to individuals and families in the community living movement.

The Auxiliary operates a Saturday morning flea market at 8905 Main Street in Osoyoos. Donations are gratefully accepted. Volunteers are appreciated anytime.
For more information please contact:

Auxiliary President
Margaret Ogilvie 498-4020
Auxiliary Secretary
Eva Barriskill 498-6632


The Job Development Program is responsible for assisting individuals to obtain employment in the competitive workforce as well as creating opportunities for people to integrate via a vocational setting.

Vocational Job Counsellor

Work # 250 498-7368

Fax #: 250 498-0325

Self Help Program

The self-help program provides staff support to those who are living independently in the community or, in some cases, with family, and are in need of life-skills support and assistance to maintain or improve their living situation.

This program also provides opportunities for clients to meet in a social setting.  The group participates in bowling, swimming, softball, Special Olympics and Trackshoes track and field and many other special events and activities.

If a person would like to live independently in the community, SOAICL will assist the individual to find accommodation, help with  set up and assist in determining the level of continuing services we can provide to ensure success.

For clients who live independently, SOAICL offers rental properties in Oliver and Osoyoos . If we do not have vacancies or if an available property does not fit the need of the client, the association will assist in finding the right match.